Branding & Messaging

As businesses grow, the need for a recognizable brand and clear messaging also grows. Marketing, sales, the executive team and employees all need to be telling the same story about the company and its products or services.

Many start ups, and small- and mid-sized businesses get going because of a great idea or technology, not because of branding and marketing. And that’s OK. But when they are ready to launch, find investors or scale, their brand and messaging has to be clear and consistent in their marketing and communications.  People that are confused, don’t buy. And we all have too many competitors to pass up the opportunity to connect with new customers or clients.

We help to create the right branding and messaging for your company..

  • visual identity (logo, colors, style guide, etc)
  • company messaging (value prop, positioning statement, mission statement, etc.)
  • corporate communications guides (what’s the story, short and long boilerplate copy for marketing and PR)
  • product vertical messaging (identifying personas, positioning)

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