Visual Branding & Brand Messaging

Many start ups, and small- and mid-sized businesses get going because of a great idea or technology, not because of branding and marketing. And that’s OK. But when they are ready to launch, find investors or scale, their visual brand and brand messaging has to be clear and consistent in all of their marketing and communications.  People that are confused, don’t buy. And we all have too many competitors to pass up the opportunity to connect with new customers or clients.

Branding consists of two parts, it is not just creating a logo. It is what you see but also what you hear…

Visual Identity

  • Logo
  • Print and Wed Colors
  • Basic Style Guide


  • Value Proposition
  • Positioning Statement (key differentiators, etc)

For many small businesses, the full brand development step gets overlooked because they just don’t know the process for creating a great brand, or they lack time and resources to go through the process. But as a business grows, having a consistent, cohesive brand becomes more important to establishing trust and longevity.

We help small businesses get that brand in place with a solid process that helps them to clarify their business and what they offer to their customers. This then supports the sales and marketing teams build the company story consistently in all communications and collateral.

Here are some the great brands we have worked with

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