Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

Google announced in 2016 that they were changing the index algorithm to be more focused on mobile users. Well, the shift officially happened in March 2021. If your site is not mobile-first ready, it runs the risk of not being indexed or blocked. What does being mobile-first ready mean? The mobile version of your site needs to be as content rich [...]


Re-opening Your Business: Is Your Website Ready?

Although the recent months have been both economically and emotionally challenging for small businesses and consultants, it has also given us time to re-evaluate and work on our own business and marketing plans. The world has changed and that means thinking about how our business needs to change as well. Most small businesses do not regularly review or update their websites [...]


5 Ways to Improve Your Website to Generate More Leads

If the goal of your website is to turn your visitors into new business leads, it has to be strategically designed for that purpose. It needs to do a great job of engaging the visitor, enticing them to give you their email and encouraging them to connect with you. 1. Give customers the information they seek. A clearly articulated value proposition [...]


What to “Know” When Redesigning your Small Business Website

Many small businesses start off the New Year evaluating their marketing – and their website in particular. But redesigning or doing a major refresh to your website can cause your rank and search value to decline if you don’t plan ahead. This happen more often than not, and we often get a call AFTER the new site is launched — usually [...]


Ten Things Every Small Business Website Needs

I was asked to give a presentation to small business owners at a local conference but before I selected a topic I asked them what they want to learn more about. The majority wanted to do better with their website and understand some of the “gotta haves” so that their websites could do better. This presentation consists of 10 things (and [...]


Your WordPress Site is Launched, Now What?

Party! Well, maybe. High fives. Definitely. It may seem like the work is done, but there still is plenty to do after you launch your site. For any business (and especially a small business) having a good website is generally the number one priority for marketing. Creating a truly great site takes time, planning, and often a good chunk of the [...]


Seven Things Your Site Needs for Optimization

When we hear “I need to work on SEO”, most people are referring only to their page rankings and increasing their position in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Although this is important, there are 6 other areas that also need to be addressed to fully “optimize” your website. Depending on your site, target audience and content, some areas may need more attention because they are [...]