Although the recent months have been both economically and emotionally challenging for small businesses and consultants, it has also given us time to re-evaluate and work on our own business and marketing plans. The world has changed and that means thinking about how our business needs to change as well.

Most small businesses do not regularly review or update their websites because of lack of time to focus on it. Now, with time available, this cornerstone marketing asset is a great place to start. Does the messaging and branding reflect where you are as a business? or where you now need to be post Covid-19?

Here are questions to ask:

  1. Is your home page clear about what you offer, who you serve and the success you can provide for your customers and clients? (your value proposition)
  2. Does the design, images and “look and feel” align with your expertise, personal brand and pricing?
  3. Is it user-friendly so that your customers can get to important information quickly?
  4. Have you optimized the content for search and site indexing?
  5. Do you have video or interactive content to better engage your viewers?
  6. Do you have clear and useful calls to action?
  7. Is the content still “current” and relevant?
  8. Is it mobile-friendly? Responsive?
  9. Do you offer “lead magnets” that provide value and clarity in product or service decisions?
  10. Do you have a CRM with automation to manage prospects and deliver follow up?

Take the time to get your business in shape. We are all going to need whatever tools and resources we have to keep our businesses moving forward through Covid-19 times.