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Your WordPress Site is Launched, Now What?

Party! Well, maybe. High fives. Definitely. It may seem like the work is done, but there still is plenty to do after you launch your site. For any business (and especially a small business) having a good website is generally the number [...]

By | 03-13-17|

Seven Steps that Will Make You Stand Out This Year

In December we all start to looking ahead to the new year and thinking about resolutions and goals for the coming year. If you are like me you avoid personal resolutions because chances are they probably will not be kept as we all get [...]

By | 01-20-17|

Strategic Alliances — Not Just for the Big Guys

Small businesses have many challenges in sales and marketing and often times struggle to build adequate pipelines for new business. Many spend hours out “networking” only to be disappointed that the leads they get are not qualified, and let's face it, are [...]

By | 12-2-16|

Start-Up Marketing: Three Things You Need

Living and working in Silicon Valley, we get quite a bit of exposure to “start-ups”. Of course there seems to be many definitions for start-ups since I have talked to some that have been in business for more than 7 years and [...]

By | 07-30-16|

What Does a Can of Spam Have to do with Email Marketing Anyway?

Well, nothing really, but the explosion of the use of email also means there was an explosion of unwanted marketing messages in our inboxes. So Congress enacted the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM) with the intent to [...]

By | 05-25-16|

Seven Things Your Site Needs for Optimization

When we hear “I need to work on SEO”, most people are referring only to their page rankings and increasing their position in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Although this is important, there are 6 other areas that also need to be addressed to fully “optimize” [...]

By | 02-15-16|

Good Marketing is Not for the Lazy Either

In the February, 2015 Issue of  Target Marketing, Bob Bly wrote an article titled “Sometimes Old-School is Better”. The main point of the article was that as journalist and writer, he promoted the importance of checking facts –and that doesn’t mean just doing a [...]

By | 03-5-15|